How did I enhance my psychic abilities?


Since I was a little girl, I've always experienced psychic phenomena, whether it was telepathic communication with family members, or having visions in dreams before encountering them.  Throughout my early teenage years until my late twenties, I experienced anxiety, extreme mood swings, and heavyweight gain.  These symptoms afflicted my mind and body alignment which disconnected me from my spiritual guides.  Conscious organic eating habits, regular exercise, ancestral connection, and deep mindful meditation practices helped me thrive on my spiritual path towards heightened intuition.

How did I begin my spiritual path?


My spiritual journey began with me following my hearts true desires while listening to the synchronistic signs presented to me by the Universe.  These signs showed up randomly on my path and recognizing these events helped tune me into my divine sources of energy. In the fall of 2016, I followed my passion for healing through foods and completed my certification for holistic nutrition consulting at Bauman College in Berkeley, California. As I shared my discoveries of holistic healing and my beliefs of purpose and creation with other open minded folks I continued to expand my knowledge of astrology, crystal energy, metaphysics, goddesses, ancestral healing with other psychic healers.

How does a phone reading work?


Upon booking your reading, I will ask your permission to tap into your telepathic resources psychically.  Before I call you I will receive messages as imagery through deep meditation.  Once I get you on the phone, I will guide you through a grounding meditation and focused breathing exercises.  I will then have you ask a question(s) which focuses your intentions on overcoming a current obstacle you are facing in your present life.  I’ll send you a photo of your card spread, and as I read your cards, I will continue to connect spiritually to your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels.  As long as you keep an open mind light will be shed upon your inspiring messages of loving encouragement and give you clarity towards your next steps of moving forward onto your divine path.